Why My Dog Carries Toys When Excited?

Dogs tend to pick up their favourite toys and play with them regularly. Sometimes when you come with a visitor, they tend to race towards the visitor carrying toys in the mouth, leaving us with lots of questions.

We all keep asking ourselves what causes such behavior, as we are unable to read their minds. Thanks to this article, you will be able to understand why they behave in such a weird manner. It is good to understand that dogs tend to carry toys depending on specific factors.

A female dog may carry toys if she is expectant and she wants to practice carrying its puppies around. At times, the female may go through a fake pregnancy, and this can make them carry toys almost every time.

Hiding toys is a common thing among dogs. These species tend to hide their toys as they value their toys as treasure; hence, if you notice that your dog is not hiding anything, then know that something is lacking.

However, excitement is the leading cause as to why dogs carry their toys around. There are many reasons as to why a dog carries toys around when excited. Below we will explain the reasons as to why your dog behaves in such an amusing way.

Genetic factors

Have you ever come home after a long day at work and your dog brings you its favorite toy? Have you ever sat down and think of why it is behaving in such a way? However, not all dogs undergo such behaviors, but those that act in such ways always have a historical background.

Theoretically, dogs are either retrievers or hunters. In the past, dogs used to carry hunted food using their mouths to their hunters. Also, a female dog would carry food and take it to its puppy using its mouth.

Terriers would kill their prey proudly and take it to its master, and the same case happened to retrievers.

However, there can be a sturdy predisposition as to why the dog can behave in that amusing way. Since there are no animals to hunt or retrieve, the dog may end up picking its toys and bring it to its master because of its genetic nature.

They may be bringing gifts

Maybe you are coming home back from a long trip, and your dog approaches you holding its beloved toy. Or maybe you have offered your dog a nice meal, and it brings you its favorite toy.

Next time it does something like this, offer it a pat in its neck or make sure you express your appreciation. Furthermore, the best present we can offer our dog is our presence.

Gift carrying began in the ancient days when dogs used to carry prey to their animals to their masters: terrier and retriever breeds used to hunt small prey and take them directly to their masters as gifts.

The same case still happens today but in a different version. Since there are no animals to hunt, dogs tend to take their precious gifts as a token of appreciation.

A distraction

There are times that you have visitors, and your dog keeps jumping on them or barking. To stop all these behaviors, you tend to offer them toys to play with. Dogs have a brilliant mind and will always try to enumerate what you have taught them.

In the process of learning how to keep quiet using toys, they adapt to the system, and when you have a guest they will always try to get their toys and distract themselves. Furthermore, some dogs will get engaged with the toys and forget if you have any visitors.

Play with the toy

Dogs love to have fun. When you are not playing with them, they will tend to fetch their toys and play around with them. They will even go to the extent of bringing you the toys so that you can play with them.

Furthermore, dogs have an excellent memory; hence, if you offered them a toy and appreciated them on their first chew, they will always tend to chew it to enjoy. However, it is good to note that a dog can seek personal enjoyment when bored.

If left alone for an extended period, they will suffer from anxious separation; thus, they will need to search for their toys to find refuge in them. It is advisable to teach your dog to play with puzzles.

The reason being, you might go out for a vacation, and when you come back, you find your favorite mat or shoe torn into pieces.

They symbolize a memorable moment

When your best friend offers you a gift token during Christmas or your birthday, you tend to keep it as a long-lasting memory. Besides that, you will treasure the gift and keep it as a special toy for life. The same case happens to dogs after their master’s offer them gifts.

Remember, dogs have a very memorable mind, and the moment will last forever in their head. Thus, they will end up keeping the toy as a special symbol or a memorable moment. Furthermore, never expect the dog to throw away or forget the toy quickly.

Dogs generally get excited when their masters play with the toys. Playing with their toys creates a good feeling and also enhances the bond between the dog and the master.

Therefore, always make sure that you engage the toys when playing or doing any activity with the dog.

The dog may be trying to greet you

A visitor might visit your house, and your dog tends to come running towards him carrying one of its stuffed toys. Alternatively, maybe you come back home, and she runs towards you carrying the toy wagging its tail and very excited.

The moment can be adorable but other times very unpleasing. Do not remove the toys from their mouth.

This is because it might be a way of greeting you or the visitor. Furthermore, it might also be a way of showing off her toy or hunting skills.

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