Why My Dog Do Poop Dance?

Dance is a form of ritual for most creatures. A prairie chicken can perform an elaborate courtship dance to attract a mate. Honeybees play a special waggle dance to attract other bees to nectar.

But, why does my dog do poop dance? Well, not all canines play the jiggy. However, you will notice your dog spinning in circles and hopping from one paw to another before pooping.

Dogs show excitement after relieving themselves performing a touchdown dance. Are you wondering why your dog perform the zombie behavior after relieving herself? It turns out, and there are various reasons for this funny behavior.

The following are 7 reasons why your dog performs a poop dance.

Feels rewarded

Do you want to train your dog to do her business outside? One sure way is to reward her after pooping outside. Over time, they learn to do it outside without necessarily needing a reward.

However, the feeling that they will get reward doesn’t go out easily. So, the impression that you approve of their action excites them. For this reason, they perform a poop dance thinking that they are about to get a reward.

Reliving feels good

Do you usually let your dog go out at the end of the day? You agree that your dogs have more of this behavior. Pleasant feeling is not unique to dogs alone.

Even humans can celebrate after finally releasing it after holding it for long hours. Therefore, your dog performs a poop dance as a celebration. After all, it was long hours of holding it, and releasing that pressure is worthy of a ceremony.

Marking territories

Just like other animals, dogs demarcate their territories. They poop and urinate as a method of marking the territories.

Moreover, at the pads of their feet, they have scent glands which add more scent to their territories.

Therefore, after pooping, dogs can kick up their heels to add more scent and to announce their home to other dogs. In so doing, they appear like they perform a poop dance.

It is a survival technique

According to various experts, pet dogs perform a poop dance as a survival technique similar to wild dogs. You sometimes see your dog engage in a type of circling and earth digging. They do this intending to accomplish two purposes.

They beat the ground after pooping with the goal of lowering their standing surface. By doing so, a dog can view things and, at the same time, remain hidden from the view of the others.

At the same time, dogs circle after pooping as this gives them a better vantage point, thus viewing their enemy from a distance. Thus, the dog gets prepared for any attack.

After considering these factors, one can easily conclude that dogs don’t do this to entertain or spurt excess energy. It is something that naturally occurs in the DNA of dogs. After several years of great domestication, it is one of the traits that remain in your dogs today.

As a dog owner, you will agree that this behavior is nothing but something that offers you a daily chuckle. There is no evidence that the little poop dance can cause any harm to the dog owner. After all, it is for their excellent survival technique.

You may be sure that there is no imminent danger facing your dog. However, is there any reason for stopping your dog from performing a little poop dance? In any case, they feel secure that way.

It is a way of communicating with fellow canines

Did you know that dogs have glands at their feet which are responsible for secreting pheromones? The purpose of the pheromone chemical is to solicit social reactions from similar species members.

Therefore, experts argue that dogs perform poop dance as a way of communication. You may be having several dogs that pass through your homestead, and then your dog is anxious about sending them a message.

But, what kind of communication do dogs give by performing a poop dance? Your dog may pass several messages, including the need for mating, food trail indicators, and warning others on the imminent danger.

It is advisable to let your dog perform a poop dance since the pheromone hormone affects their behavior and physiology.

For hygiene reasons

Dogs enjoy clean and elaborate territories. Dogs make circles before pooping as a way of observing hygiene.

They unconsciously make a circular poop dance and stomps to ensure that they have a prime real estate area for relieving themselves. Also, as a way of marking territories, your dog needs her poop to be seen.

Therefore, she might be stomping the grass in the area near her poop to make it seen. It happens in a move that appears like a dance. Dogs don’t like pooping in different places.

In most cases, they dedicate only one area to relieve themselves. Therefore, they make circular poop dance a way of cleaning the area to recognize it quickly. Also, they do this to make every other dog know where her prized message lies.

To efforts to align themselves with the earth’s magnetic poles

Research by German researchers concluded that dogs align themselves with the earth’s magnetic poles before and after pooping. To achieve this, they circle themselves in a move that appears like dancing to their poops.

Researchers believe that dogs feel good this way. However, it is unclear whether they do it consciously or unconsciously. Some suggest that this behavior can be just a physical reaction. After all, several animals align themselves with the earth’s magnetic pole while popping, which is not unique to dogs alone.


Does poop dance seem to excite your dog? If yes, your dog is not alone. Since time immemorial, dogs have been engaging in this behavior.

The reason behind it notwithstanding, dogs derive great pleasure in making you smile. While the purpose might not make you laugh, your dog can’t mind if you laugh at her unique dance. For a fact, she will like it!

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